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Session information

Oral presentations 
The sessions for oral presentations are 60 minutes, containing four presentations each. You will be asked to upload a pre-recorded presentation of max. 7 minutes, leaving max. 8 minutes for questions and discussion. Zoom Meeting will be used and in the chat the attendees can type their questions. The chair selects these for the presenter and can ask the attendee to switch on audio/video to raise that question and interact.

The sessions for symposia are 60 minutes, containing four contributions each. 
For the symposia, you are asked to upload a max. 4 minutes pre-recorded presentation or introduction. After the four presentations, the remaining time will be used for discussion led by the symposium chair. You will be asked to read the other papers in that session as well, to enhance the discussion.

Workshops will be 60 or 75 minutes. For the final submission, you are asked to adjust your workshop to an online format. Zoom Meeting will be used with the option of break-out groups. From the chat, organisers can ask participants to launch other websites or tools that are used in the workshop.

You are asked to upload a pre-recorded 45 seconds video-pitch for your poster. In the pitch you can show one slide if you like.

Duing the session:
There are two rounds of poster sessions, with 3 or 4 poster sessions running parallel in each round. 
During each poster session, the pitches of the posters of that session will be shown and then a discussion will take place. After half an hour, participants have the possibility to switch to a different poster session for round two. The chair and the speakers will stay in the same Zoom meeting. The second round is a repeat of the first round: the pitches will be shown at the start of each poster session followed by a discussion, but now there is a different audience.