In the following page we provide you with information on the online conference. 

During the online conference we will use two applications:

·       Zoom meetings for all conference sessions and meetings.

You need to download Zoom on your laptop or desktop.

·       Whova is our conference management system. It provides all information about the conference: like the programme, information about speakers and sessions, abstracts and papers, announcements and has many interesting functionalities, e.g. for connecting to other participants.


1: Download Zoom on your laptop or desktop

For the best conference experience, please download Zoom onto your laptop or desktop via  https://zoom.us/.  

(Note: the Web-browser or App version does not offer all functionalities).


2: Whova Web Account:

To get access to the conference sessions and meetings you need to have a Whova Web account (laptop/MAC version) on your laptop or desktop.


Please use the e-mail address that you have used in Conftool. We recommend adding a profile picture and description, so that it is easier for others to connect with you in Whova.

You will have to be logged on to Whova Web App in order to join the SEFI Zoom sessions!

Optional: You may install the Whova App (smartphone version), for easy access for example to the programme or the Whova chat.




The agenda with all the conference sessions can be found in Whova. In the desktop version, click on a session to view the session description. At the bottom of this description, a link to the corresponding Zoom meeting is posted. With your Zoom account please join this Zoom meeting about 5 minutes before the start of the session. It is important to use the Zoom Meetings Application and not the webbrowser. The technical moderator of the session will let you in from the waiting room. That way you won’t miss anything. Please turn on your video during the sessions to engage more with other participants.

During the talks and presentations, you can ask questions in the Zoom chat. They will be answered after the talk or presentation. You can also ask questions live at this moment.


The SEFI Lounge Area is an open Zoom meeting with no waiting room. You can join this meeting any time during the conference to have a chat or discussion with other participants. Also, several informal sessions will take place in the SEFI Lounge Area.


We understand that technical difficulties can occur during the online conference. If you experience any technical problems, please do not hesitate to send a message in the technical support chat. This chat will be monitored during the entire conference. Therefore, we can help you at any time. You can also ask any questions that you have about Zoom and Whova in the Technical Support Chat.

In case you have any further questions you can also contact us at sefi2020@utwente.nl .


-          All keynote sessions will be recorded; workshops , paper sessions, poster sessions and symposia are not recorded. The recordings will be made available to the participants of the conference at the end of each conference day. (If you don’t want to be recorded you will have to switch off your camera and microphone.

-          All presenters are included in the programme on www.sefi2020.eu and on the Whova web app .

-          There is no limit on the number of attendees joining a session. Only for one or two workshops there is a maximum number of participants. This will be mentioned in the workshop description.

-          Any messages to other participants can be send through the Whova Chat.