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About the venue

SEFI2020 Online conference
The conference moved online as soon as it was clear that health and safety concerns were here to stay for quite some time. Apart from some cancelled workshops which required live sessions, the full program is available to an even wider community now.Paper and poster sessions will have short prerecorded introductions and sufficient ‘live’ time for questions and debate. Keynotes and workshops are 100% ‘live’. Via recordings we plan to offer you the option to also watch parallel sessions that you missed while attending another session. This will also be helpful when living in places with large time zone differences.

About University of Twente
The University of Twente offers a wide range of bachelor and master programs to it’s 10.000 students. The university is known for a large number of high-tech spin-off companies and partnerships with national and international businesses. Recently all bachelor programs were redesigned in what is known as the Twente Education Model. All programs have a series of student engineering projects connected with in-depth content and skills components. Each program offers interdisciplinary and international experiences. New programs have been initiated such as Technical Medicine, Creative Technology and the University College ATLAS. ATLAS is is one of the few university colleges with an engineering education profile. The university houses several education research groups and opportunities for master and phd trajectories in Educational Science & Technology.

The University of Twente is located in the region of Twente, home to 627.000 inhabitants in the eastern part of the Netherlands. In Twente urban dynamics go hand in hand with serenity and nature. Twente is a high end technological, enterprising and innovative ‘knowledge region’. This results in a huge diversity of ground breaking high-tech companies. There is an excellent partnership between these companies and the education and research institutions from the University of Twente, creating many spin-offs.