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SEFI2020 online format information

Session IT tools and support (for presenters):
In general we will use the Zoom meeting option to host your presentation. Zoom meetings are designed to collaborate and we therefore enable participants to share their audio and camera in the interactive phase of each session. While (other) presentations are active, please mute yourself, this will help all to experience the best presentation quality.

A chair from the SEFI conference will be present during each session. In addition IT support will be available throughout the conference

More detailed information on the session formats is offered below, and will also be provided in a live Q&A practice session. Zoom meetings offer you some options to increase the interaction in your meeting. During the practice sessions we will show you how to share your screen, use break-out groups (relevant for workshop organisers), the whiteboard and polling functionality within a Zoom meeting. If you are not used to Zoom we encourage you to engage in one of these sessions or find other ways to familiarize yourself with the online environment.

Join us in a presenter practice session at:
- 26 augustus: 15:00 (CEST) - videolink will be here the day before the practice session
- 2 september: 15:00 (CEST)- videolink will be here the day before the practice session

Short description session formats:
The detailed program schedule will be announced in August. Here is a brief overview of the online session formats:

Oral presentations
The sessions for oral presentations are 60 minutes, containing four presentations each. You will be asked to upload a pre-recorded presentation of max. 7 minutes, leaving max. 8 minutes for questions and discussion. Zoom Meeting will be used and in the chat the attendees can type their questions. The chair selects these for the presenter and can ask the attendee to switch on audio/video to raise that question and interact.

The sessions for symposia are 60 minutes, containing four contributions each.
For the symposia, you are asked to upload a max. 4 minutes pre-recorded presentation or introduction. After the four presentations, the remaining time will be used for discussion led by the symposium chair. You will be asked to read the other papers in that session as well, to enhance the discussion.

Workshops will be 40, 60 or 75 minutes. For the final submission, you are asked to adjust your workshop to an online format. Zoom Meeting will be used with the option of break-out groups. From the chat, organisers can ask participants to launch other websites or tools that are used in the workshop.

You are asked to upload a pre-recorded 45 seconds video-pitch for your poster. In the pitch you can show one slide if you like. In the poster session you can show your poster or a four slides presentation while Zoom Meeting will be used to facilitate group discussions with the authors of the posters.

Guidelines for presenter video clips
We kindly ask you to submit your prerecorded videos at least one week before the conference. A web form will be enabled here were you can upload your file.

Please note the maximum video times per meeting type:
- Pre recorded pitch *45 sec*
- Pre recorded oral *7 min*
- Pre recorded symposium contribution *4 min*

We encourage you to not overload your presentation with too many slides. As a rule of thumb, one slide per minute still feels comfortable for your audience. For more information on developing a high quality video take a look at our quality checklist for screencasts.

Technical information:
For the different sessions during the conference we will use Zoom (webinar for keynotes, meeting for all other sessions). Click here to get started with Zoom.

Through the Whova app you will be able to set up your own personal schedule with links to abstract, paper and Zoom session. Please check for last-minute changes to the schedule.

For optimum performance we recommend to download the Zoom app, disable existing VPN connections and turn off other video conferencing applications.

Technical support:
During the conference online support will be available for your questions. In case you have any technical questions before the conference you can contact us at

The registration process (via ConfTool) is open, and the early bird registration applies till 1 August.
For each presentation at least one presenter should be registered.

We hope you will enjoy the conference!
SEFI2020 Local Organising Committee